Case Study
Problem Statement
One of our client organization with average strength of 300 employees per plant was struggling to get the maximum ideas from the employees. Post assessment and analysis we observed
  • Employees are unhappy since they do not get timely feedback and appreciation
  • No easy process for giving ideas
  • Flaws and challenges in the reward system
  • MTTI is high due to people oriented approach
  • Some biased behavior impacting the overall engagement
The Solution
Mobile App
  • Our mobile app enabled users to submitting ideas any time and any where i.e. even while returning home in bus
  • Immediate notifications are keeping them updated
  • In mobile restricted areas, KIOSK with portal access gives flexibility to submit ideas
Reward System
  • Configurable brownie points system makes the reward system transparent
  • Winners board automatically displays monthly winners without manual intervention
  • Flexibility for users to redeem their brownie points online
The Result
  • 65 % increment in ideas within 6 months
  • Quality Improved and reduced customer complaints
  • Achieved zero accident months
  • MTTI is Reduced

Case Study
Problem Statement
This organization with per plant employee strength of 500 was really struggling with sustenance of ideas especially cost saving ideas and exchanging good practices within organization
Post assessment and analysis we observed
  • No process for auditing and monitoring sustenance
  • No inclusion of finance team for cost saving verification
  • No set process and responsible person for evaluating information received from other plant/branch
  • Manual erroneous process for implementation of same idea across various departments/lines
The Solution
Sustenance Audit
  • Audit feature allows audit of benefits of idea over the period
  • It allows organization to understand overall sustenance ratio
  • Easy scheduling process release burden of manually tracking the audit schedules
Verification & HD
  • Verification feature allows to assign cost saving ideas to finance team for verification
  • Acurate saving figures reflect on the dashboard due to finance team's involvement
  • HD feature allows to share ideas to other plant/branch

INR 97,00,000

Confirmed savings within a year

Non Tangible benefits like, increased employee engagement, motivation, safety are added advantage

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